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Karen Amy Finkel Fishof 

Solo Exhibition “Radiate” - Recent Photograms

September 14 - October 26 2019

M-F 10am-5pm and Saturdays 11am-4pm 

dnj Gallery 

3015 Ocean Park Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90405



An exhibition of large-scale photograms by Los Angeles artist Karen Amy Finkel Fishof at dnj Gallery, Radiate, will engage and challenge you from the get-go. The first impression is that these are large black and white photographs. But actually, no photo camera, no negatives were used to produce this body of work. One wonders, who are these mysterious creatures coming out of the darkness? I learned from the artist that some of these works are self-portraits or portraits of her children and grandchildren. Each photogram is the result of bodies and objects placed on top of a large photo paper. The resulting image comes across as a large-scale drawing of white chalk on a black background. Finkel Fishof says, “I consider it drawing with light” (dnj). 


- Edward Goldman - ART CRITIC




Recent photograms. Karen stages scenes on photo paper in the darkroom, exposes them to light, and then develops them traditionally with black and white chemistry. No camera is used and no negative is produced, so each piece is a one-of-a-kind. This exhibition includes a floor photogram that attendees can actually walk on. Karen’s work explores contemporary issues of, religion, politics, gender and parenting. 

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